• What really happens when you invest in an EIS Fund?
    • What role does the EIS manager play?
    • How do different managers do things differently?
    • What difference does it make if they invest in early stage or later stage companies?
    • How do companies manage the process from start-up to scale up to large scale commercialisation?
    • How do companies attract ‘deal flow’ – the opportunities to invest in?
    • What happens if a company needs further investment to grow?
    • What exit routes are available?

All these questions and more will be answered in the webinar.

It is designed to give advisers greater knowledge and insight into how EIS works, so that they can talk about it with their clients, with confidence.

Taking part in the webinar are:

John Glencross of Calculus Capital, one of the pioneers and leaders in the EIS sector. They launched the first approved EIS scheme in 1999.

Paul Munn, of Par Equity, the leading EIS manager in Scotland, and with a 10 year track record, they have now delivered 12 exits, and an average return of 4.9x investment before tax reliefs.

John Bailye of the SidebySide Partnership. A new entrant to the market here in the UK, John has an outstanding record in the US of turning young companies into major businesses. They have also introduced an innovative and highly attractive charging structure.



John Glencross

Chief Executive , Calculus Capital

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John co-founded Calculus Capital with Susan McDonald in 1999, creating one of the UK’s most successful, independent private equity firms focused on investing in entrepreneurial young British companies.

John has over 30 years’ experience in private equity, corporate finance, and operational management. During that time, he has invested in, advised on or negotiated more than 100 transactions and served on publicly quoted and private corporate boards. Before co-founding Calculus Capital, John served as a European Corporate Finance Director at UBS and, prior to this he was Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Phillips and Drew, a 100 year old London based financial institution. At the start of his career, John qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Peat Marwick (subsequently KPMG), where he then went on to be recruited as a founder member of Deloitte’s newly established consultancy practice in the Gulf Region and then Corporate Finance practice in London.

John graduated from Oxford University with an MA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


Paul Munn

Partner, Par Equity LLP

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Paul is a co-founder of Par Equity, a boutique investment firm based in Edinburgh. A Chartered Management Accountant he has extensive experience of corporate management, turnarounds, business development and active shareowner engagement.  Within Par Equity Paul is focused on portfolio management with the emphasis on value enhancement and realization. In addition, he leads the firm’s property investment activities.  He has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Glasgow.


John Bailye

Partner, The SidebySide Partnership

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John is an Australian who moved to the US in 1987, and grew a start-up business into a billion-dollar public company with 3500 employees. He sponsored and co-founded the New Jersey Technology Council, now with 1500 entrepreneurs as members, it provides an exchange for entrepreneur ideas and experiences. John has personally invested in14 early stage US companies and 5 in the UK. He has also been very involved and co-invested in several turnarounds in US Private Equity firms.

On moving to the UK in 2017, John said ‘a key objective of the UK government is to help more start-up companies to scale up to become significant and long-term businesses. That is what I do, and have that experience in many companies and industries. My aim is to capitalise on the opportunities and environment here in the UK.’


Julian Marr

Editor, Professional Adviser & Multi-Asset Review

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